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Could Ayurveda be the key to health, happiness and a long life?

John Feltham

February 4, 2022

Ayurvedic medicine is so much more than just a holistic practice. This thousands of years-old medicine is recognised by the World health Organisation (WHO),  and practised by over 300,000 doctors around the world. 


According to ayurvedic medicine principles, balance is everything - and it can be achieved by harmonising the three core aspects of our being. 

🌬 Vata is all about the energy of movement - if you're Vata dominant you may be thin, feel cold often, have dry skin, or experience racing thoughts. An imbalance in your Vata can result in anxiety, fear, and digestive issues like constipation.

🔥 Pitta is linked to fire and is thought to control the endocrine, metabolic, and digestive systems - people who are predominantly Pitta can have a medium build, feel cold often, and have acne-prone skin. They tend to be busy, high-achieving, and always on the move. An imbalance in Pitta can lead to anger, overexertion and burnout, and skin irritation and rashes. 

🌊 Kapha is associated with earth and water. This stabilising energy is thought to supply water to the body and maintain the immune system. Someone who is Kapha dominant is calm, grounded, and forgiving. But an imbalance in Kapha can lead to jealousy, sluggishness, and weight gain. 

Here’s our favourite ways to introduce Ayurveda into your life:

Maharishi Ayurveda offers a range of products to support your health holistically. 

Herbal teas, spices and skincare products nurture your wellbeing through a natural healing and preventative approach. 

Swap your morning coffee for Raja’s Cup:

The master physicians of Maharishi Ayurveda have created the most wonderful caffeine-free alternative to boost your mornings. Made entirely of Ayurvedic herbs including Ashwagandha for a rich, roasted coffee flavour, Raja’s Cup is the only coffee substitute you’ll ever need.

Every drop of this magic mix is infused with the best components to elevate your health and eliminate free radicals. 

You can buy your own Raja’s Cup here

Restore, Calm, or Invigorate with Ayurvedic Teas:

Maharishi Ayurveda teas are designed to heal your body while you sip and relax your mind for a moment of calm. 

The specially formulated tea blends contain herbs well traditionally  used to help balance body and mind. 



Do you feel restless, fatigued, constipated or having trouble sleeping? These signs of Vata imbalance can be eased by sipping the Calming tea throughout the day. This delicious blend of miraculous herbs can be taken hot or cold. 





 If you find yourself feeling unusually frustrated, impatient, irritated or overly critical there may be a Pitta Imbalance driving your symptoms! The Cooling Tea may be all you need to find feelings of calm. 




How about those moments where you feel an unusual sense of complacency or dullness, or when your skin is unusually oily, digestion is slow, or you’re oversleeping?

This Kapha imbalance can be alleviated by the Stimulating Tea.



Here at Integrative Wellness we know life can be challenging so Maharishi Teas are a must-have to keep us grounded and well! 

Try them for yourself and share your thoughts with us!


Make the most of your toothpaste:

You brush your teeth everyday, but did you know gut health starts with good oral health? 

Herbs can work wonders to keep your gums healthy whilst preventing bad bacteria to travel to your digestive system. 


Ayurdent Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste that does so much more than simply clean your teeth; made from a blend of 20 ancient herbs, this toothpaste kills bacteria, cleanses toxins, aids membranes, and restores your teeth and gums.


Try the benefits of Maharish Auyervda with a special 10% discount, during February.

*Use the code Ayurveda at checkout. *while stocks last!

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