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Peaceful month for parents with products rich in sandalwood

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September 11, 2023

We've curated perfume, body butter, essential oil, and other options enriched with Australian Sandalwood oil for calm and relaxing days; all with a 20% discount.


The first Sunday of September is dedicated to Australian fathers. At Integrative Wellness, this celebration continues throughout the entire month. The date is related to a combination of historical and cultural factors.

In 1909, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd proposed the idea of creating a day to honor fathers, inspired by her desire to recognize the role of her own father, who had singlehandedly raised six children after his wife's passing. This idea spread and over time, many countries adopted the celebration of Father's Day.

With the aim of providing a happy day or month for all the dads of Integrative Wellness clients, we have selected exclusive products with a 20% discount.

Mount Romance Larrikin For Men Eau de ToiletteMount Romance Larrikin men's perfume, one hundred milliliters. The packaging has square edges.

This is our top Father's Day gift suggestion. A woody fragrance with notes of leather, cedar, and pine. The enduring note of pure Australian sandalwood oil, cherished for generations, cleanses and soothes the skin, providing tranquility to the mind and body.


Mount Romance Organic Pure Australian Sandalwood Essential OilTen milliliter product of pure organic Australian Sandalwood essential oil.


History of Australian Sandalwood

The history of Australian Sandalwood is a testament to the deep connection between nature, culture, and health. It reminds us of the importance of valuing and preserving ancestral traditions, as well as adopting sustainable practices to protect natural species and ensure that future generations continue to benefit from its unique properties.

 Also known as "Santalum spicatum," its history dates back centuries in Australia. This type of sandalwood is native to the dry and arid regions of Western Australia, where it grows under challenging conditions, characterized by arid climate and sandy soils.

 These trees are known for their aromatic and medicinal properties. Indigenous populations of Western Australia have long used the extracted oil from sandalwood trees in their traditional healing practices. It was valued for its calming properties and unique aroma, which played a significant role in ceremonies and celebrations.

 In Aboriginal culture, it was applied topically to relieve a variety of conditions, from muscle pain to skin issues. Additionally, the oil's aroma was inhaled to promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.

 Over time, Australian Sandalwood began to capture attention beyond Australia's borders. Its unique properties and distinctive aroma made it a valuable ingredient in the perfume and cosmetics industry worldwide.

Selected Discounted Products for Father's Month

 In addition to the mentioned products, we have selected other gift options with a 20% discount for the entire month of September, such as:

 Mount Romance Sandalwood Body Splash

Mount Romance Pure Australian Sandalwood Body Butter

Mount Romance Pure Australian Sandalwood Skin Damage Control

Mount Romance Pure Australian Sandalwood Larrikin Soothing Shaving Gel


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Special Father's Day Message from Integrative Wellness

Just as we prioritize the balance between mind and body, fathers bring harmony to their loved ones. Congratulations to all fathers for promoting family well-being and being a source of inspiration and strength. We hope our approach to well-being resonates with love and care.

Happy Father's Day! ❤️

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